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Data Structures and System Design Interview Prep Notes

Data Structures and Algorithms Notes Important Concepts Graph  DFS - Max Area of Island - LeetCode BFS - Rotting Oranges - LeetCode Detect cycle in undirected graph Graph Valid Tree - LeetCode Topological Sort + Detect cycle in DAG Course Schedule II - LeetCode   Union Find Algorithm  No of Connected Components Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph - LeetCode Redundant Connection - LeetCode   Accounts Merge Dijkstra's Network Delay Time - LeetCode (BFS + Priority Queue) Prims and Kruskal's algorithm Min Cost to Connect All Points - LeetCode (BFS + Priority Queue) and Union Find Algorithm. Sliding Window Algorithm usual pattern is while expanding window          process right element          try to shrink window          update the answer based on the current window Fixed Length Window - Permutations in String   Variable Length Window -  Minimum Window Substring Sliding window with Deque - Sliding window maximum Stack Monotonic Stack -  Largest Rectangle in